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Graduation Ceremony & Linux

It's funny... finalizing things on one part of my life. I wrote my last exam months ago - but the Graduation ceremony is finally here. I've since become quite comfortable and aware of the fact that my university life is done with, and has been over for about 3 months now. What's weird is having to go and order grad caps, gowns and tickets, and having to enter in my student ID and, for the first time in 4 years, I actually forgot what it is. I even had to pull out my wallet and give it a look. How soon we forget. My graduation is on November 13th, and I will get my degree. Honours Bachelor of Science, with a Double Major in Physics and Philosophy, Minor in Math. With all that, it doesn't quite sum up the past 4 years here (especially all the games I've coded, websites I've built & rebuilt along the way...which are ultimately what has contributed most to my getting my current job.) Last night I installed Linux on my friend's computer. I like Linux - when y


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