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The Internet amazes once more

I think I was wrong about the internet. I'm only posting right now because I found out about something, and thought I should make a post... In the 60s, kids across the world tuned their radios to listen to a constant beeping emitted by Sputnik, as it hurtled across the sky at incredible speeds. Then they'd rush outside to see a tiny dot streak across the sky. In the 70s, they watched launching's on TV. Nothing much happened in the 80s, except there was lots of hair. In the 90s the world lost interest in outer space, and was more interested in the possibility that Michael Jackson was from Mars. But then the internet came, and the world got closer...and so did space. Suddenly, we can now watch what's going on in space and in the shuttles. We can listen to Mission Control talk to the Discovery crew. We can see Earth, from space, as the astronauts are seeing it. We can see sides of the ship, constantly firing little jets to realign. We can listen to Mission control play wak

Mentos and Diet Coke?!

Have you heard about the mentos and Diet coke craze that's been going on around the internet lately? I for one have just heard about it, which is remarkable considering the amount of time I spend looking for random stuff. This mentos thing is pretty weird though. The way it works is this: Take a 2L bottle of Diet coke (I'm not sure why it's doesn't really need to be, I imagine) and drop about 4 or 5 mentos inside the diet coke bottle...and stand back. You'll suddenly have an eruption of coke. And I'm not talking a baking soda and vinegar overflow...I'm talking Old Faithful, geyser still. It will probably shoot up in the air about 10 feet. If you heave the bottle at the ground, the bottle itself will shoot up in the air. I kid not, just google up Diet Coke and Mentos and you'll see what I mean. You may be wondering why this happens. Chemical reaction perhaps? Wrong. I did a little research and found that this occurs actually by a physical proces


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