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Blogging From My Email

So I'm actually writing this from my email client and sending it to this blog to see how this works. This function will allow me to easily make new entries in my blog without actually having to log in... It's interesting when you consider little tools like this. For example I recently, about 2 months ago, set up my email to forward to my cellphone. This is easy to do, because every cellphone has a corresponding email address. If you find out the domain, you then know your email address. Then you just set your email to forward to that email address. So mine, for example forwards to: I know what you're thinking... "Why does he need that? Is he really getting that many emails and needs to be immediately notified when he does?" When I first set it up, it was purely a joke. A little geeky thing to do. I set this up while I was in Toronto. Then moving back to Vancouver, I had to get my number changed which resulted in my email forw


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