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Nearing an end / beginning?

There's a gap in between, There's a gap where we meet where I end and you begin. So my little gnome, the school year comes closer to a close (more or less). Classes are done, essays are done, exams...not quite done. And then, with that, what will come? Summer classes... ...and then? Graduation. And your son meets the world. So I realize that I haven't made any substantial changes to my site recently. It's mostly just been blogg entries (if that!) The reason, of course, is because your son has been immensely busy with school. And now that the university world has come to more or less of a close, I'm not quite sure how often my updates will be. Maybe there will be many. Maybe few. I'm not quite sure. I've got a lot to do. I've got my website going. I've gotta get some games done to a completion though. So far it's just a bunch of things that aren't very playable. I really need help with it too, so if you're a sweet game pro

Descartes, Parallelograms and Spaghetti

Lately, reading Descartes, and Plato has got me thinking back to my first encounters with certain things.  Two memories come to mind: My first encounter with the Parallelogram. I'm sure I encountered it in younger years, but I came to appreciate it in in Mrs. Crookston's 6th grade math class. I was excited about this shape. I knew big things were in store for it - but I marveled at how I had clearly been blind to its existence. I was quite familiar with the square, and its less perfect brother, the rectangle. I'd seen parallelograms (as a kid, I loved flowchart template rulers) yet I had never considered the ramifications of creating a similar shape in which there are no right angles . When I speak of parallelograms, I speak of shapes which are strictly parallelograms and not squares or rectangles. All it really ever was was a rectangle viewed in perspective. I had been drawing them in my pictures, but now that I had discovered how to apply perspective to drawings, it trigg


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