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On Risk, Passion, and Drive

I'd like to share a recent story I'm proud of. It was not an independent effort. Had it been, I know for a fact we'd not have been as successful. That's exactly why I want to share it. I'd recently posted a question asking what recent risks others had taken, and how it had played out. Frasier Crane would probably make some remark about it being my anxious subconscious searching for validation as we'd just taken a large risk, and were not yet clear on the outcome. A few weeks ago, our team was preparing for one of the largest annual conferences we attend. In the previous 4 years, we'd been using the same interactive booth experience that was no longer as engaging as it had once been. We'd tried earlier in the year to revamp it, but with only 2 weeks to go we were a far cry from the experience we wanted to provide and the message we wanted to deliver. As the conference neared, our Marketing Manager voiced the same concerns I was feeling. Our "new"


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