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Open Sesame?

There's a place, just down the street, round the corner, 12 blocks east, stop, wait three minutes, walk south two blocks, stop, turn three times, tap on the building to your immediate right, a soft tapping, not too soft though. Tap three times. Then enter. It's a place that doesn't allow your body to enter, only your mind. In there, your mind can do and achieve what it pleases. Minds gather there, and discuss topics to incredible detail, accomplish the unaccomplishable, and push boundaries past their limit. There's another place, north 3 blocks, west 7 blocks, down a staircase, not the entire way down, only go three, four. Okay stop there. Now, back up two. Jump the rest of the way down. Look up. Open the door that is above you. Now you've entered the dream realm. Here nothing makes sense. People with legs too long, arms too short, heads too big, mumbling incoherently, quietly yelling, running slower than a walk, turning a oddly blue shade of red (but not


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