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Code Reuse

Completed pages for new cards. This is unbelievably difficult without using CGI. I have to manually make each page, and have to make sure that the code on each page is correct. If I want to make an adjustment, I have to go to each page and change it. It would've been so much easier with CGI, but due to restrictions, I can only use HTML/JavaScript. Which doesn't matter too much, 'cause it still works the way I want it to, except that it is so much harder to code. Problems I'm running into currently: server space. I've used up about 40% of server space, and most of it, is because of the e-cards section. If it takes up too much space, I'm going to have to make a new account, so that I can have more cards. Going back to the list I made in Nov. 6, (1. I'll be working on getting a greeting card section, to send to your friend by e-mail. 2. I'll be working on a better main page, after you opened up the site window. 3. I have to make a banner, so I can begin tra

Avoiding Server Side Processing

Hooray!!! After 2 days of non-stop work, I've finally figured out how to send e-cards properly, without using any CGI, PERL or ASP scripting. Just plain html and JavaScript. Now all I need are some cards to put on the site.


Basic part of e-cards working now I just need to figure out a way to include an image and html code with the e-mail. I've asked people at but no one could help. I hope I can figure it out.

Adding my site to Yahoo

I have finally uploaded all the pages on to the server. I have added a counter, I have summited the page to many search engines, with my thanks to I have added a guestbook, that works perfectly, and I have made a downloads section, I have gotten more jokes, I have gotten more games, I have spruced pages up, I have made things look better. I took out the script that changed the color of the scroll bar, because it didn't work to well on some computers, and it ruined a lot of things. But it's finally done. Now all I have to do, is just add a greeting cards page. And that'll be nifty! I've added my site to Yahoo, now all I hope is that they will add my site on to their amazing search engine. Then, all I have to do is hope that lots of people will visit my site. The worst part is I'm at school right now, and I've got to go to physics in about 15 minutes, so I better hurry up, and add the final touches. Oh, I forgot to add, I've changed the main page. I

The tough thing about entertainment sites

Site's improved. Added info about games. Border improved. Background loading worked on. Got rid of white background that showed up when new page loaded. Added new links, spruced up page, added a few little, but nice, touches. Still looking for a better guestbook provider, one that will actually work properly. Also looking for new games, and new jokes. It's getting rather tough to update this site often, now that school's become more busy. But I will always find the time to work on this site, as it is probably the best site that I have made. This site is 10x better then Coffee Break, and 100x better then Spiderboy. Now, I just have to hope that it hits in big. That's the tough thing about Entertainment sites. There's so much competition out there, that it's very hard to get ahead, or even close to the head. There's so much to do. Maybe I should add electronic cards, so that people can send their friends e-cards. That will be a good feature. Well, I'll be

Otiose World

New site finally complete. Many mistakes fixed, links work perfectly. Reduced frames in animations, added welcome message. Guestbook yet to be completed, but will be before domain name is registered. Discussed the flash intro and have decided to have it redone so it suits the new look of the site. "Coffee Break" is now Otiose World. Have not uploaded yet to internet. Have filled out registration form, for domain name, waiting for company's reply. Site soon to be if all goes well. Let's hope this site makes it big!


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