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International Selfie Day

Apparently June 21st is "International Selfie Day." If you can't decide on a pose, I suggest taking one with all the poses.

Culture from the Ground Up

Originally posted on Celero Commerce When you’re spending 40 hours a week at work, you want that time to be as enjoyable as possible, and that’s where company culture comes in. The more positive you can make your culture, the more your employees will want to stick around and invest in your company’s mission. I look at company culture as something that happens organically. It’s not necessarily about creating a culture, but rather creating the room for culture to create itself. Most importantly, that means finding the right people. You need employees who are going to buy in wholeheartedly to your vision and contribute to something larger than themselves. When I first came onboard at Celero, I was looking forward to the challenge of creating a company culture from scratch. Being a new organization, and especially one that has been formed with various disparate groups through acquisitions, creating a sense of culture is much harder. In some ways, you’re adopting culture; in other ways, you


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