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Hour of Code

Just wrapped up the Hour of Code. To kick off the event, I put together a quick presentation of why code matters, and why breaking things matters more. Very fun and rewarding experience. Definitely recommend all software engineers to get involved in this yearly event.

Grampa & Grandma

14 years ago, when I was 18, my grandmother had passed away. I never truly knew her as there was always large language barrier between my grand-parents and I. She was sweet, kind, had a strong laugh I can still imagine, and knew I liked chocolate. Shortly after her passing I was moving to Toronto for college, and a mistake in my application meant I missed the deadline for getting into the campus residence. My grampa, who I knew much less than my grandma, was newly a widower and do it made a lot of sense for me to live with him. The language barrier was still there, but it gradually faded. I remember one of the first things we did together was visit the cemetery where my grandma was laid to rest. As if my grandma was in another room with the door closed, my grampa rapped on the headstone with his cane and told her "their prince" had arrived.  In the next few months, he would take me to the local pond where we would feed ducks together, we'd go shopping together

Salvation Mtn

On a whim, I went on a 90 minute drive into the middle of the desert. No cell signal. Just to visit Salvation Mountain, in the middle of nowhere, California. Built in 1984, visitors bring cans of paint to help maintain this folk-art installation that is miles from anywhere. The original artist died in 2014, and so now volunteers live off the land and keep it maintained. If you have seen Into the Wild (one of my favorite movies) this is when they visit Slate City. It's interesting to be so far from everything... but it goes to show, sometimes it takes leaving "everything" to find something you didn't know was there. (Or am I just trying too hard to be deep?)


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