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Coding Lightning

Amazing, isn't it? I've restarted this weblog, and already I'm four days behind in my posting. To do a quick catch up, on Monday we drove back to Nashville. 7 hour drive, but a trip which took about 10 hours because we took our good sweet time and stopped a lot. We played some silly old road trip games that are supposed to be hard if you're a kid, but since none of us were kids, the games kept going on and on. We played Ghost, which is a game where one person stars off by saying one letter. Then the next person has to say a letter, one which follows normal English rules in spelling a word. It goes around until someone spells a word. The person who spells a word gets a G, then H, then goes on until they get GHOST and they lose. That's a shitty explanation, but it's sorta like: Person1- A, Person2- P, Person 3- Uh...P, Person1-L, Person 2- Damn! Fine, E. And then Person2 gets a G. The word has to be over four letters, and if you pick a letter that can't

Shark Attack

After a couple of years of not updating, I've decided to bring this site back. So here it is, A Day in the Life, the Alishah Novin weblog. Many of you know me for having websites usually covered with flash intros, jpgs, gifs, and fancy JavaScript. As I explained when I first made this website back in 2003, this site will not be like that. It will be much more simple. Text. Nothing else. In fact, some of the old site will be updated just a little bit more to even remove some old features, which went against the idea of keeping this site simple. I have even changed the layout somewhat. Neat huh? I like to think so. Now, let me get to the actual journal entry. So where am I right now, and what I doing? Well this summer, as some of you may already know, I came to Tennessee to help out my brother. We're building websites, and doing some other geeky computer stuff. To make up for that though, we're also doing some tough guy stuff, like some hard core masonry in his back yard: we&


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