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Was going through some old blog posts, and "What's New" updates to a webpage I had in high school. It's an interesting relic - seeing what was important 23 years ago... Nov 6, 2000: The tough thing about Entertainment sites is there's so much competition out there, that it's very hard to get ahead, or even close to the head. There's so much to do. Maybe I should add electronic cards, so that people can send their friends e-cards. That will be a good feature. Well, I'll be getting to work on that, I guess. So, things I will be working on for a while (meaning that I will be updating the site even less) are: 1. I'll be working on getting a greeting card section, to send to your friend by e-mail. 2. I'll be working on a better main page, after you opened up the site window. 3. I have to make a banner, so I can begin trading banners. 4. I'll be adding new games. 5. I'll try to add a download section, where you can download some games onto yo


Taylor Desseyn and I have a new landing page for Unghosted : Catch up on previous events, attend upcoming events, and register to appear on the livestream!

Bad vs Good vs Great Interviewers

(This image was generated with AI) Interviewing tip for those on the job hunt: Bad interviewers act like gate keepers / bouncers / powerful decision makers. They act with an air of superiority, don't do an adequate job of making you comfortable, welcome, or at ease. Their hire/no-hire decision is subjective, unclear, rooted in opinion and impressions. Good interviewers take time to break the ice, make you feel comfortable and take the pressure off the interview. Their hire/no-hire decision is based on how well you present your experience and knowledege, and works off a more objective framework. Great interviewers are on your side. They cheer you on, help you grow. Their hire/no-hire decision builds on the objective framework the good interviewers use, and they're looking for how well you demonstrate your potential for growth & the diverse value you bring as an invidiual to the team. You may still not get the offer, but the interview will likely continue to be a great resour

Unghosted Episode 2

If you're #jobhunting but feeling #ghosted, if you're #opentowork but also #opentofeedback, if you're #talking but not #talkingwithhands then you need to join Taylor Desseyn and I next week on our #Unghosted live-stream where we review REAL resumes by REAL people in REAL time. If you want your resume reviewed live, send it over to Taylor (details in the event.) #opentohelping #opentounghosting #opentoexcessivehashtags Update: You can see the recording of the  live event here...

M&Ms and Ice Dispensers

This is one of my favorite memories I get on my phone around this time of year. I hope it gives you the smiles it always gives me.

Short Tidbits of Advice

Reviewing your resumes, I jotted down a bunch of quick & trivial things for people to keep an eye on.  Make sure your resume FILE contains your name - don't go with a generic "Resume2023.pdf"; "Your Name.pdf" or "Your Name - Your Title.pdf" is an easy way of avoiding some (rare) situations where your resume file gets lost in a stack. File size: We're well past the age of floppy disks - so while disk space isn't the concern here, a 5Mg Resume means your resume probably has more than it should. :) PDFs over Word docs. Your resume should be a document in its "final" state. PDFs will preserve your font choice, your formatting better than Word. LinkedIn URLs: Remember when an email address in your resume was a novelty? Well, now the hip kids are including their LinkedIn URL! Be hip like them. Make sure your resume is free of typos (Fun Fact: Surveying a bunch of other hiring managers, I learned a lot of them are more likely to pass on

Just the Facts

  With 80ish resumes left to go, I just want to share this one piece of general advice: Don't be ADJECTIVE heavy: "Dramatically improved the speed of a process to be much faster" Be FACT heavy & be NUMBER heavy: "Reduced process time from 8hrs to 2hrs, saving $80,000/year."


  Flight was delayed late into the night, but was able to get through a fair bit of them. The rest are to come. Stay tuned. 😴


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