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Whiteout and Formulas

Overwhelmed with exhaustion and tirededededness, I slept in on this wonderful winter morn'. It was actually a very nice day out. The sun was up, the sky was blue. It was beautiful and so were you. I made it to school by 11:30 and had to buy a new pen. My current own is out of ink. In the end, I bought 6 pens and whiteout. Came to $14. Whiteout is so expensive these days. I guess with the increasing number of people using computers, whiteout has become somewhat of a novelty item. Which brings up the issue of the people in my lectures who write their notes on their laptops in physics classes?!? I'd understand if you're in a PoliSci, English Lit, philosophy, history course, or any course that's a straight lecture... More words than formulas, diagrams, etc. But when you're dealing with lambdas, thetas aplenty, a phi, a psi, a gamma...and equation after equation... how can you be using a laptop? I'm impressed with whoever is pulling it off... But for me, I'm all

Fog and Blogg

I've decided to start my own little weblog of my life... The reason...I'm not sure. They're a new concept, and I'm just part of the modern era. I'm going to keep this page extra simple, because I feel my life is adventurous enough and it doesn't need to be spiffied up with a bunch of fancy shmancy images and animations. I've got a Multivariable Calculus test coming up on Thursday. Not looking forward to it. Maybe that's why I'm building a website instead. I've been studying all day, and need a break. Plus it's 11pm, so I'm about to get to bed. It's been an uneventful day... I did go out and get a cup of coffee. There was a lot of fog out, and I could barely see. There's nothing better than a coffee when you're frozen.


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