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Guidance Counselor 2.0 w/Alishah Novin, Director of Engineering @ Celero Commerce


That thing you're needing? Be it for someone else.

Call to action: That thing you're needing? Be it for someone else. That's been my mantra since last year. As one who thrives on interactions, social distancing had me longing for the kind of parental reassurance we never get as adults. There's an expression 'to turn something on its head,' that was stuck in my head. 'To misrepresent something as the opposite of what it should be.' Rather than seek my need, I could turn it on its head. Be for others what I needed for myself. For months I virtually met friends and strangers world-wide. And listened. I really wasn't sure I deserved the Community Leader nomination. That's not a humble brag: Essential workers were working long hours. People were sewing free masks. Teachers adapted classrooms. I was safe at home being asked "What makes you the most qualified nominee for this award?" How does one even answer that, let alone feel deserving? The only comfortably response I had was to turn it on its

Alishah Novin - Community Leader of the Year - 12th Annual NTC Awards - NTC


"No Experience Required"

You won't see job posts claiming "no experience required" unless someone's hiring actual new born babies who have yet to touch a computer. Whether it's class room assignments, personal projects, free things you did for friends who paid you with "exposure". Whatever you did: You. Have. Experience.  Don't let anyone invalidate that experience just because you weren't paid for it. Speak to what you learned, and accomplished. Highlight your growth on your resume. Some of the best hires I've ever made had 0 professional experience, but could better communicate their experience than someone who had been at it for 5+ years.


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