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The Middle

I walked across front campus this year, across the frozen dirt and mud a thought occurred to me: For more than half of the school year, front campus cannot be walked on. Either fenced off to protect the new seedlings, completely muddy, or otherwise covered in frozen ice. If you're taking a summer semester, that is probably the only time when you're fully able to walk across front campus. Then a new thought hit me, this would not be something I would have to deal with in a year's time. In about 7 months, I will be done my undergraduate career. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with nostalgic feelings of my past four years here. And I was hit with that feeling all adults feel, one almost cliché. I felt this saddened feeling that the possibly the best years of my life are coming to an end. Despite all the debts, the disappointment with grades and tests, from here on, nothing will ever be truly like these past four years, let alone the past 21 that I've lived. Then I recalled myse

New Year ... New Title

Well, it's a New Year. It's finally happened. We're in 2006. What a year it shall be! This is the year where I will finish my schooling (unless perhaps, I decide to return for grad school), this is the year where I will get a job, learn to be fully independent, start paying off my student loans, maybe get a lawnmower, and start living my life. At least that's the plan. I'm also moving downtown. No more nights in libraries (hopefully). Though, I did spend the last night on the floor of my new bedroom because I won't have a mattress until Wednesday. It was uncomfortable, but not so bad.  I also just out about: I'm going to be an uncle!! Baby's due in August. In other news my Starbucks came with a rude reminder:  My two older brothers are two people I will never surpass. I'm ok with that.


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