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Moving On

10 years may feel short, but when you count all the ups and downs, the happy memories, the relationships, the growth, it's a lifetime's worth of experience. Today's my bittersweet last day at HPA. It's always tough leaving a place you love, but happy to leave on a high note. HPA is set to do great things. And of course, my new chapter begins Monday. Who knows what the next 10 years brings (other than more gray hairs...)

Perfection is Procrastination

Heard something the other day that really stuck with me, especially when it comes to writing code: The pursuit of perfection is procrastination. That floored me. I'm generally not a procrastinator, but earlier in my career I definitely made the mistake of wanting my work to be perfect. How many times had 3 hours just slipped by trying to get something "just right" when it was " good enough " all along? Working software always beats beautiful software that is incomplete. The pursuit of perfection delays your MVP, delays customer feedback, and delays realizing the thing you tortured yourself to get right is now obsolete. I recently posted about my brother always saying to "sign your work with excellence," and I think that's an entirely different pursuit. Excellence is a measure, not an ideal, focused on outcomes, the customer, and feedback. Excellence is how you respond to knowing perfection is impossible.

"Stuck at Home" Code Camp

Sharing for those who missed it: Last week I used my lunch hour to run a live-stream "Stuck at Home" code camp for any kids who were stuck at home due to Covid19 school closures. While there are many great resources out there for kids to learn how to code, I thought having a live setting where they could ask questions would be more engaging and helpful. The camp's over now but I'm sharing the series of videos in case you have a kiddo that's interested. It won't be live, but they're still more than welcome to send me their questions.


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