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Your son has been busy. I have what some may call "exams" coming up. I've also noticed some weirdness with my compy. Start Menu stopped functioning...menus and the address bar stopped working in IE, and my computer was generally slow. I did a virus scan and found I had a virus. This particular one would stick itself onto any EXEs and eat up your memory. My first virus scan removed the virus itself. I did a subsequent virus scan, which scanned EVERY exe file that I have on my computer. Turns out that little virus spawned itself into a total of 1,197 other viruses on my computer. After that was said and done with, deleted and corrected, my computer feels faster, smoother and it even looks  younger. So with my old laptop new again, I return to study and the permanent bedroom I call the Library.

Library Life

So I haven't made any posts in the past few days. Lots of late nights camping in the library, sleeping in the dark corners. I'm surprised they're not charging me rent. I was hanging out with my friend the other day, and we were talking about the Windows XP themes and how little you could really change them. He once showed me this program where you can convert your entire start menu into the Mac OS program bar, with all the fade-ins, and growing icons. It was pretty sweet, but alas, programmed in OpenGL. Unless you have a nifty little graphics card, running something in OpenGL is painfully slow. Also, the resources it eats up. Oh the poor little resources. So I had an idea:  "You know, if you made an active desktop, you could probably make your own thing with Flash, and it would be way  faster than OpenGL." He laughed, agreed then looked at me and said "You're probably going to do that now, aren't you?".  I laughed in acknowledgement. So I started


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