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Almost Done / Just Begun

I am happy to report two things: 1) Last night your son graduated. Officially. Ceremony and all. I have my degree. Honours BSc. I kicked the day off in celebration by going to Tim Hortons, the very first Tim Hortons I went to when I first came to Toronto. I was about to order my usual large Double Double and plain bagel, toasted, with plain cream cheese when I thought "Let's go all out" so instead I ordered a large Double Double and an Everything bagel, with herb and garlic cream cheese. Good call. I feel like I deserved it. 2) I've (re)created a database for my blogg.  ..finally. The site doens't fully use it just yet...but soon it will, and things will be just peachy... If it wasn't for these websites, I'd get nothing done.

Closing Time

So I've begun to read Closing Time, as I promised. It was an interesting...seeing character names again. I may have only read the book just over a year ago, and yet for some reason I have felt the 40-some years pass in the course of the novels. Old friends are popping up again. I read about Snowden and thought "Oh yea... Snowden, I remember him." A year and a few months have passed, but 40 years in my mind. My characters are older and dying. I'm trying to figure out just what to do with my C64 site because lately I've sort of seen little server issues here and there. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing them. If you are please let me know and I'll do something about moving servers or something. The weather is getting colder... ... love it.

C64 or The Dos Prompt?

I'm very tired today. Got very little sleep... which explains the incessant yawning. I'm not sure where to take this website... I want to take it somewhere big, and huge. Take it somewhere which will result in little children running to gather around me and not even to ask for my autograph, but to look up at me with such reverence and respect that they just remain in silent awe.  I guess my biggest problem is that I'm giving my site the look of an OS that is so out of date that Microsoft, the company known for sticking out its releases well passed their expiration date (see IE6, Windows XP) , has completely removed it since the release of XP. There's only now the 'Command Prompt' a cheap rendition of dos. But can you boot into dos? No. Control-F8, boot into dos... exists ... no ... more. Maybe I change it to a C64? Surely that has some more longevity...


I finished The man in the gray flannel suit last night. Very good book. I have a problem with finishing books... I really get to missing the characters. I think about them sometimes, wonder what they're up to, wonder what they'd do in certain situations...and then I realize that they're fictitious. At times, it's choked me up. The character that's stuck with me most is the main character of A Confederacy of Dunces. His general obliviousness was endearing. Another one that stuck me for a while was Yossarian from Catch-22, which puts the following book next on the line to be read: Closing time. Closing Time is the sequel to Catch-22, some 40 years later, where the characters that survived the war are learning that they still haven't survived death.


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