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The Tour Bus

With graduation and adultlife on the horizon, I'm a bit nervous. I'm reading more and more in the papers about graduates who are having a hard time getting jobs. They don't have the talent, experience, or are just ill-equipped for working in a professional world. I fit that bill. Worse yet, the other day as I was crossing Bloor street  I heard a honking. I had the right of way, so paid it no attention. But the honking continued. Looking up, I saw a tour bus. I continued on my way despite the persistent honking. When I'd finally crossed, and the honking continued. Then the tour bus wiped around violently, parked and opened the door. I stepped up to the bus trying to figure out what was going on - and there I saw a friend of mine driving the tour bus. He had graduated a year prior, with a degree similar to what I'll be getting - and, despite his relentless searching, he was having trouble finding a suitable position. In the end took the first think that became availab


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