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Personality Spectrum

I've never big on personality tests, but a few years ago I took one for a leadership course that had me PEGGED. It contextualized the various communication styles, and motivations to help better navigate working and leading groups. The tests can be expensive, so I decided to make a free and open source one by combining multiple free sources. It's not as thorough as the paid ones but still does a good job I think. I call it  Personality Spectrum Give it a shot - it doesn't take very long. Let me know if you think it's accurate for you! You can also get the code from my GitHub . (Importantly: it doesn't collect any personal data.)

Working with Legacy Code

You should read: Working with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers At some point (or at many points) we have to work with legacy code. It's always a brutal struggle, but it doesn't need to be. If you were to ask me what books have impacted my life as a Software Engineer, I may mention a handful I've enjoyed but this one has had me floored. Many books teach you languages, algorithms, structures, patterns. This book teaches you how to *think* (and if you read it early in your career, you won't have to learn it all through painful experiences like I had to.) Two paraphrased quotes I love: - "When a class has too many responsibilities, chances are, you'll have an incredible number of reasons to change it." - "If you have the urge to unit test a private method, that method should be public. If it feels weird for that method to be public, it should probably be in its own class."

Learning Math

When I was 6, my dad wrote me a math program in BASIC to help me learn arithmetic (and it eventually taught me to code.) Now that I have a 6 year old, I decided to make her a similar game. Hers has better graphics - and I'm hoping it sparks the same love of coding too. ❤️🏃‍♀️👩‍💻


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