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Machine Learning with Starbursts

This article was featured on HackerNoon magazine, YoungCoder, and was featured in Kath Ceceri’s book: Bots! Robotics Engineering with Hands-On Makerspace Activities . Her book is also a fantastic resource for many other activities. This past week I had the opportunity to partner with a local school for the Hour of Code . With the trust and support of the educators, I gave myself a new goal: spend the Hour of Code teaching and coding the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with 5th and 6th graders — and without the help of any technology, I was left to use Starbursts instead. If I could successfully distill the concepts of A.I. and Machine Learning to a group of 5th graders without relying on any technology, it could create a very compelling case for how unnecessary technology is when it comes to teaching children to code.


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