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My Love

Today, I want to brag about my wife Stephanie Novin and how incredibly inspired I am by her. Beyond being the amazing and wonderful mother that she is, she's been an elementary school kids for 7 years. I never knew how hard it was to be a teacher until I'd seen all the energy, passion and care she put in every year. Now, amidst a global pandemic, she's made a significant career move: She's left the world of education to join an Ed-Tech company as a Product Manager (it makes a ton of sense when you realize kids and parents make the toughest clients!) It takes a lot of grit, guts and determination to make such a large move. One of the silver linings from having to work at home is seeing how quickly she's adapted to her new world, and seeing all those qualities I've always admired in her come to light in new ways. Now that we're both in the same space, one of my new favorite things is being able to bounce ideas off her. So while it's tough for someone like


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