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Stop Interviewing, Start Conversing.

Interviewing is a challenge. That’s obvious when you’re a candidate - but hiring a suitable candidate is not an easy task either. Too often we recruit out of necessity — that is, being faced with putting off work we are struggling to complete in order to find an ideal candidate, leaving us to rush a very important decision. Years of interviewing hundreds of candidates for various roles — software engineering, business analysis, sales, marketing, technical support, administrative roles — has lead me to believe the traditional Q&A interview approach is dated and inadequate. I’ve stopped interviewing altogether. Now, I build relationships. In no other aspect of life do we ask an individual a series of direct questions to make a determination about them, what role they will play, their aptitudes, or skills. We don’t give prospective friends psychological tests, we don’t ask them to list examples in recent history where they were good friends, or if they know how to execute basic friend


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