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As I'm sitting in my room, the blistering heat of the day still lingering into the night, I'm wondering what I could possibly write about that could possibly be of any interest at all.  I'm also getting a little tired of this current website layout.... I do like the Science Headlines and the quotes and stuff, but I really feel as though it draws back from the content of the site, which I hope would be the most interest. Thus, I may in fact revamp the layout of this site... That being said, expect some changes... Also, just recently found out that I lose my webspace after graduation. A bummer. I'll have to move my website and all its content. Ugh.

Fancy Footwork

Working on websites and essays. Such is my summer. So far your son is building two different websites for clients. I would like to take on a third client, because one client of the current clients is taking up so little of my time. Anyone know someone who needs a website built? I'm also working on a flash soccer game on the site called Fancy Footwork. Needs a little bit (a lot?) of work still.


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