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Drawing Bikes from Memory

I read an (unscientific) article about how most people cannot draw a bike from memory and decided to try my hand at it. I was pretty confident I would be able to, so I decided to up the ante by going with a different perspective, then I painted it for fun. I'm no artist, and while there's still a lot wrong with my drawing, I'm pretty proud of the results.
26 years ago, a little grocery store opened up in my little hometown of Orleans, Ontario. Farm Boy . I was 8, and it was possibly one of the best places to have opened up in our town. Farm Boy featured an animatronic monkey that did flips over the bananas, and other novelties. On rare occasions, the doors of a painted barn opened up to reveal an animatronic Farm Boy who would play the guitar and sing with the animals.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, where I was nostalgically checking out my old hometown on Google Maps. To my surprise, Farm Boy was still open - and what's more, even thriving with many more locations. After reading the Wikipedia page, and browsing their website, I figured I'd write them a quick note of my memories. They sent me this shirt and letter. So, I'm pretty happy about that.

On Being Named the Software Developer of the Year

I was hoping I'd be able to give a thank you speech because I have so much to thank, but apparently they're no longer doing that. I've never been a strong believer that success or accomplishment is a one person effort. There's the help you get from mentors and leaders, the training from seniors, the encouragement you get from peers, the support from those who may report to you - and then, even outside the immediate circle - there's the sacrifice others make to support you. There's the older brother who pushed you to learn to code when you were only 8. One person's accomplishment is not truly one person's.  The tricky part in being named the NTC's 'Software Developer/Architect/IT Engineer of the Year' is that it sounds like it's an individual accomplishment - but like I said, it cannot be. When I reflect on the projects I'd worked on in this past year, and their significance. When I reflect on the work I, and my team, have put towards


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