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Code Reuse

Completed pages for new cards. This is unbelievably difficult without using CGI. I have to manually make each page, and have to make sure that the code on each page is correct. If I want to make an adjustment, I have to go to each page and change it. It would've been so much easier with CGI, but due to restrictions, I can only use HTML/JavaScript. Which doesn't matter too much, 'cause it still works the way I want it to, except that it is so much harder to code. Problems I'm running into currently: server space. I've used up about 40% of server space, and most of it, is because of the e-cards section. If it takes up too much space, I'm going to have to make a new account, so that I can have more cards. Going back to the list I made in Nov. 6, (1. I'll be working on getting a greeting card section, to send to your friend by e-mail. 2. I'll be working on a better main page, after you opened up the site window. 3. I have to make a banner, so I can begin tra

Avoiding Server Side Processing

Hooray!!! After 2 days of non-stop work, I've finally figured out how to send e-cards properly, without using any CGI, PERL or ASP scripting. Just plain html and JavaScript. Now all I need are some cards to put on the site.


Basic part of e-cards working now I just need to figure out a way to include an image and html code with the e-mail. I've asked people at but no one could help. I hope I can figure it out.


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