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When life gives you lemonade...

The major concern for time travelers is that life will take their lemonade and make lemons.


I don't know how Baseball was invented. I could look it up, but rather than do that I'll go on imagining that some guy said to another: "I bet I can throw this thing past you, and you won't be able to hit it..." and the other said "I bet I can. But you have to throw it in a region that I can hit it...not just anywhere." and then the first guy replied "Ok, and if you DO manage to hit it, then you have try to get to that spot over there where Melville is standing, while Hudson tries to get the ball, and if Hudson can throw it to Melville before you get there, then it's my turn to try." and then the other guy said "Well, wait, I should get at least three tries to get there..."


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