Shark Attack

After a couple of years of not updating, I've decided to bring this site back. So here it is, A Day in the Life, the Alishah Novin weblog. Many of you know me for having websites usually covered with flash intros, jpgs, gifs, and fancy JavaScript. As I explained when I first made this website back in 2003, this site will not be like that. It will be much more simple. Text. Nothing else. In fact, some of the old site will be updated just a little bit more to even remove some old features, which went against the idea of keeping this site simple. I have even changed the layout somewhat. Neat huh? I like to think so. Now, let me get to the actual journal entry.
So where am I right now, and what I doing? Well this summer, as some of you may already know, I came to Tennessee to help out my brother. We're building websites, and doing some other geeky computer stuff. To make up for that though, we're also doing some tough guy stuff, like some hard core masonry in his back yard: we're building a planter. I've also just recently tiled his bathroom. Never done something like that before, wasn't too tough though. The worst part of the planter and the tiles is that the mortar/grout is really fine, and fills the cracks of your hands, and starves your fingers of oxygen. Not only that, but the small bits can cut your hand pretty badly. So overall, for a few days after mortaring, your hands will by kind of dry and pasty, with tiny little cuts that sting like hell. I think I'm supposed to wear gloves. Fun times.

I'm having a good time here though. I recently turned 21, which qualifies me as an adult in most countries. I have begun my life as an adult. Being that I and my older brother are separated in age by a vast 11 years, we've always had an interesting relationship. When I was a kid, he was always the cool older brother you looked up to, who would take you to the mall and buy you chocolate. He was the one who you would claim could beat up Hulk Hogan, the one who could kick a soccer ball so hard, you would be crazy to stand in front of it (though he would make you, because he needed a goalie). By the time I had grown up to be a full fledged teenager, he had become what is known as an adult, in every sense of the word. That brought upon a new relationship, one in which he would advise me with everything worth working for. He would let me know of his mistakes, and try and help me not make them (though some I inevitably did). Now that we're both adults we're developing a new kind of relationship. While we're not even close to being on par in terms of life experiences, age-gained-wisdom, or income, we're able to see eye to eye on things in a way we never have before. He's still the older brother, I'm still the younger brother, I still get the advice I did when I was a teenager, but now the advice deals more with finishing up my university stuff, what to do with the years to come after, general life tips.

In the past few days, we came to Florida for a little vacation. Destin, Florida. The sand here is white. It doesn't take much to make yourself think it's snow. The water is warm. The sun is hot. My first real day here I had two interesting experiences: A shark swam within a foot of me, and then later, I lost my glasses in the ocean because I had foolishly gone in the water with them. Thankfully, the shark didn't eat me, and my glasses were found after half an hour of searching and searching. My older brother found them because... even though we're both adults, he's still my older brother.


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