New Year ... New Title

Well, it's a New Year. It's finally happened. We're in 2006. What a year it shall be! This is the year where I will finish my schooling (unless perhaps, I decide to return for grad school), this is the year where I will get a job, learn to be fully independent, start paying off my student loans, maybe get a lawnmower, and start living my life. At least that's the plan.

I'm also moving downtown. No more nights in libraries (hopefully).

Though, I did spend the last night on the floor of my new bedroom because I won't have a mattress until Wednesday. It was uncomfortable, but not so bad. 

I also just out about: I'm going to be an uncle!! Baby's due in August.

In other news my Starbucks came with a rude reminder: 

My two older brothers are two people I will never surpass. I'm ok with that.


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