The Transition

By some strange miracle, your son has landed a job. He is working in the adult world. I am a professional now. Exams done, and a week later I've landed my first job (a miracle because for all the news I've been reading about the difficulty recent grads are having in getting employment, the fact that I have a job 7 days from writing my last exam, I have to consider myself lucky...)

Lately I've been thinking about how I live in a very strange world. I'm in a transitional time. I'm currently in a period in my life, where I'm transitioning from university student to a 9-5 professional, and wearing a tie I bought with the last of my cash, until I get paid.

I wrote about this before - but the unfortunate timing is I'm having this experience on my own. I wish I could trade notes with someone. My closest friends are still students. All my colleagues (that's a fun word) are...full time adults.

I end my work day and return to my apartment where all my roommates are busy with reading books or writing essays. They're rushing off to classes, or to the library.

My coworkers are rushing off to their families, or their more-grown-up-than-me friends.

My free time comes for an hour in the weekday when I take my lunch break. Or otherwise anytime after work and on weekends. I love being free of school work - I'm not sure what to do with this new found free time.


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