Felix, Navy Dad

I wrote a Christmas song... the next big hit.

O! Snow falls over the sea,

As the boat glides like a sleigh,

He'll be home soon, you'll see,

Yo-ho-ho'ing all the way,

Guided by lighthouse light,

It's made our spirits glad,

to see that boat in the night,

Felix: Navy Dad!

O! Felix Navy Dad, Felix Navy Dad,

He's gonna make it a Merry Christmas,

From the deck of the USS-Heart!

He's ironed his stockings flat,

His pants have a perfect pleat,

He's got the right tilt in his hat,

So you better get to your feet,

Felix, Navy Dad. Felix, Navy Dad,

He'll say jump, and we'll say how high?

Felix - Navy Dad!

O! Felix, Navy Dad. Felix, Navy Dad!

on the deck of the USS-Heart!


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