On Being Named the Software Developer of the Year

I was hoping I'd be able to give a thank you speech because I have so much to thank, but apparently they're no longer doing that.

I've never been a strong believer that success or accomplishment is a one person effort. There's the help you get from mentors and leaders, the training from seniors, the encouragement you get from peers, the support from those who may report to you - and then, even outside the immediate circle - there's the sacrifice others make to support you. There's the older brother who pushed you to learn to code when you were only 8. One person's accomplishment is not truly one person's. 

The tricky part in being named the NTC's 'Software Developer/Architect/IT Engineer of the Year' is that it sounds like it's an individual accomplishment - but like I said, it cannot be.

When I reflect on the projects I'd worked on in this past year, and their significance. When I reflect on the work I, and my team, have put towards volunteering in the community to help build a stronger sense of what our community is - it's hardly been "just me."

I owe thanks to so many for this recognition - my brother Sal, my wife Stephanie, my family, my coworkers, my team, the community. 

If this award recognizes anything about me, I hope it simply reflects someone who wants the best for his community, using the tools he knows how to use best.


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