Lady Bug Blanket

Almost 14 years ago, back in college, I was moving in to an apartment with some friends. I needed to buy some bedding and, being a broke student, I couldn't spend much. I ended up buying a fleece blanket on clearance, not really noticing it had a lady bug on it and was a baby blanket and way too small for a twin bed... So I had to buy a bigger blanket on my credit card. Suffice it to say, my roommates teased me about it.

One of those old college roommates just had a baby and emailed an announcement. I thought he'd get a kick of seeing a recent photo of my own kid wrapped in that same lady bug blanket. It sent me down a rabbit hole, going through older and older photos and realized how much that blanket now means to me. From Toronto to Vancouver to Seattle to Nashville and perfect for my niece, then my daughter and now my son.

It's a good blanket.


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