Imposter Syndrome & Passion

Imposter Syndrome. When you first hear that term, it shines a light on what you've always been feeling. You

To paraphrase the video: Following your passion doesn't lead to success. Find something you're good at, spend thousands of hours - apply grit, perseverance, sacrifice to become great at it. The problem with following your passion is that work is hard, when you run into obstacles you'll start thinking 'I'm not loving this, this upsetting, this is hard, this isn't my passion.

In other words - next time you feel that Imposter Syndrome trigger in you, use it as a reminder that it's time to apply that grit and perseverance.

It's your brain's way of telling you that you've hit your current limit of what you comfortably know, and you're going to need an extra push to learn your way out of the situation.


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