Increasing Follower Counts

If you're interested in growing your follower count, there are 2 things that have ever contributed to a spike in mine:

  1. Other people mentioning my name in their posts
  2. Interactions I've had while commenting on other people's posts

The common thread here is that (at least for me) it's not about pushing out content. Content-Creation is a one-way megaphone and has trivial impact on follower count (again, at least for me.) Most of my time on LinkedIn is spent in messages, and then commenting/discussing on people's comments.

Much of the content I do create is adapted from a conversation/interaction I've had. Maybe I'm doing it wrong - maybe the megaphone works better for others, but I never intentionally set out to become a "content creator" and get a bunch of followers. It... just... happened...

In short, the best advice I can give is to focus less on the followers, focus less on content, focus more on interactions, and genuinely connecting with people, be #opentohelping, be a resource.


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