On Taxonomy & Roads

I never really thought I cared much about taxonomy until someone recently pointed it out to me. They observed that I like to be precise with certain terms (which, I'm not sure I necessarily do. I think it's mostly when I'm trying to make sure I've fully understood something I'm learning).

But it made me think how strange it can be to not know qualities about yourself until someone else points then out.

Anyway, with that in mind, here are the different terms for roads and what they mean.

A Road is anything connecting two points.

A Way is a small side street coming off a road.
Streets are Ways with buildings on both sides.
Avenues are like Streets but run perpendicular.
Alleys are narrow roads that run between buildings.

Boulevards have trees on both sides, and often a median.
The opposite is a Lane, which is a narrow road more often in rural areas.

Crescents are roads that represent a U shape/crescent, attached to roads at both ends.
Drives wind and turn based on the environment around it, like a lake or river.
Terraces follow the top of slopes.
A Place is pretty much a dead end, like a Court, except a Court has a circle/cul-de-sac at the end.
A Plaza and a Square is a road which surrounds businesses.

An Access Road runs parallel to larger roads, and could be a Highway which connects cities.
Interstates connect States, but don't always have to - it's more a federally funded network of roadways.
A Turnpike is the part of highway that has tollbooths.
Freeways have two or more lanes on each side.
Beltways are Highways that loop around a city.
Parkways are decorated roadways, with park land along the road.

Junctions are where two roads cross:
Interchanges are at different heights.
Intersections are at the same height.

Causeways pass over low grounds like swamps.
Esplanades and Promenades run along the ocean, though the latter is more for walking.

This work isn't my own - sadly I don't recall the original source. I've just had it in my notes for more than 5 years now. I've kept it... Because... well... taxonomy.


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