LinkedIn Post Generator

If you're struggling to come up with a quality LinkedIn post, I have the thing for you! If you're familiar with MadLibs, I've built one for LinkedIn, that I'm calling "LinkedLibs".

LinkedLibs will generate engaging posts that resonate with your followers! Here's a quick sample:

Want to gain more followers? Here's how I did it:

Profile picture? 🤳 Make sure it has toys! Without toys, you're just another hasty penguin! 😥😢😖

In your heading, be sure to include statements about your collection of vintage robots! This tells people you're a beautiful person 🧑‍💼 who is happy to cry. 😃

Your banner should include a photo of you at a wedding or you in a hot-air balloon. 

People take hot-air balloon pictures very quickly - in fact, did you know hot-air balloon pictures have been shown by anthropologists to make people feel satisfaction?

As for a wedding - well - nothing says "humble", like a picture of you at a wedding.

Finally, everyone loves a good quote. Include one in your banner. If you don't have one, I've always liked this quote by Socrates:

"Without knick-knacks, I'd be angry. With knick-knacks, I'm not angry - but I am carelessly sad." - Socrates

Good luck! ✌️

See it here: LinkedLibs


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