Don't Break the Chain

A really good friend of mine once told me I'd be one of the funniest people he knows if I could just keep myself from making the many un-funny jokes I make. As is, the bad jokes made me about half as funny as I could be.

The tricky thing is - because I'd argue all those jokes are funny - it's hard to know which jokes will "land" and which will cause groans.

And I say all this because I think it equally applies to the posts - as great as I may think they all are, some of them never land. The trickiest part is when the popularity of a particular post is inversely proportional to the effort I put in.

Despite the old addage about quality over quantity, I've found that whether it's jokes, posts, or some other hobby - creativity fuels creativity. It's easier to keep the momentum of the proverbial snowball when it's already rolling - and so I'm scared to ever stop.

I guess that applies to just about anything too - dieting, exercising, reading, coding, or creating - breaking any habit-forming routine can be very disruptive.

If you're ever wondering why I post with such regularity - this is exactly why. (That or I've become addicted to the dopamine-hits that come with notifications about reactions to my posts...)

This approach is influenced by the widely-known Don't Break the Chain approach that Jerry Seinfeld popularized. 


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