Portfolio Red Flags

I know a portfolio is an opportunity to experiment, have fun, and implement all kind of nifty doo-dads.

Avoid this temptation.

When you think of your portfolio as a product, those little distractions are scope-creep.

If you want to highlight how you like to play around and challenge yourself then, rather than make those snippets a "core feature" of your website, give them a dedicated a section on your Portfolio. Label the section "Experiments", showcase them there along with a writeup of what you learned. Alternatively, host them on CodePen, and direct traffic there.

If you have a lot of gimmicky effects as part of your main portfolio, that can be a 🚩 red flag 🚩 (Especially if you also have very few projects on your GitHub!)

It gives the impression you get distracted easily, focus on novelty not value, and will cause scope to balloon out of control.


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