A few years back my daughter gifted me a little book called "Things I Love About Dad," with pages of prompts that she's been filling out over time.

The other night she told me she filled out a new page: "I love that you taught me to appreciate me."

This one may just be my favorite page to date.

It's so easy to confuse appreciating oneself with being confident, having an ego, or being arrogant. But those others show themselves externally. Appreciating yourself is being friends with your inner monologue, it's knowing you may not always get things right and may make mistakes, but it's acknowledging the intention that's behind them.

It's writing a post about a personal note from your daughter, worrying if you're conveying the right message, debating whether to hit post, and thinking 'if it helps someone pat themselves on the back instead of beating themselves up... it's worth it.'


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