Whiteout and Formulas

Overwhelmed with exhaustion and tirededededness, I slept in on this wonderful winter morn'. It was actually a very nice day out. The sun was up, the sky was blue. It was beautiful and so were you.

I made it to school by 11:30 and had to buy a new pen. My current own is out of ink.

In the end, I bought 6 pens and whiteout. Came to $14. Whiteout is so expensive these days. I guess with the increasing number of people using computers, whiteout has become somewhat of a novelty item. Which brings up the issue of the people in my lectures who write their notes on their laptops in physics classes?!? I'd understand if you're in a PoliSci, English Lit, philosophy, history course, or any course that's a straight lecture... More words than formulas, diagrams, etc.

But when you're dealing with lambdas, thetas aplenty, a phi, a psi, a gamma...and equation after equation... how can you be using a laptop? I'm impressed with whoever is pulling it off... But for me, I'm all pen and paper (despite loving my laptop.)

I use to bring my laptop to my comp sci courses last year, actually. But that proved to be a bad idea, as I'd get distracted and end up coding...which, I guess... Is that a bad thing in a comp sci class? I did make a cool oscillation simulator thing.

I'll have to show you sometime. I added Spiderman to it...


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