Fog and Blogg

I've decided to start my own little weblog of my life... The reason...I'm not sure. They're a new concept, and I'm just part of the modern era.

I'm going to keep this page extra simple, because I feel my life is adventurous enough and it doesn't need to be spiffied up with a bunch of fancy shmancy images and animations.

I've got a Multivariable Calculus test coming up on Thursday. Not looking forward to it. Maybe that's why I'm building a website instead.

I've been studying all day, and need a break. Plus it's 11pm, so I'm about to get to bed. It's been an uneventful day...

I did go out and get a cup of coffee. There was a lot of fog out, and I could barely see. There's nothing better than a coffee when you're frozen.


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