Exams & Dreaming

Alrighty...so I went to school on Monday, stayed till Wednesday night. I was really really sick on Monday and Tuesday, and stayed up all night studying for my Oscillations and Waves exam, which really didn't help the cold.

The exam was pretty rough. It wasn't too difficult, but it covered so much material that it was difficult to prepare. And being that I was sick, and awake for about 40 hours before that, I fell asleep a few times during the exam.

Lately I've had a weird problem melding dreams and reality. I'll weirdly incorporating my dreams into the real world in ways I didn't think possible. Sometimes, if I'm hanging out with friends late at night, I'll fall asleep midsentence 'cause I'm so tired. And while asleep, I'll keep talking while dreaming. Apparently I've said such things as "And I really don't trust someone who's full of coffee."

But sure... Plenty people talk in their sleep... But how about writing in your sleep?

Well, on this particular exam, there were a few oddities (space oddities?) I noticed I'd written. At one point I fell asleep, and when I woke up I saw that I had written "0 < b << 1, or mom and dad know a lot more than they're telling me about."

Later, I wrote "M2 = Adam" and finally "L/players, so we're stuck."

I had to really scribble that out so my professor wouldn't be concerned.

Well, that's more or less it...I'm gonna go code a flash game. I'll put it on this site when I'm done...

Update: Ok, bit of a problem...I just realized I no longer have my flash programs, 'cause I had to remove then when I installed WindowsXP. I'll have to reinstall them...


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