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Many apologies for this one coming in a little late...but anyway...

So I woke up, went out with the family. We went out by the ocean, it was a great fun. It's so amazingly nice here in Vancouver...but Toronto's where my college and grown up life are happening.

Anyway, then we came back and went to Edgemont Village for a while. Edgemont village is just this small village in North Vancouver, with coffee shops, pastry shops, chocolate shops and the like. A nice place. After that we came home and had supper, and then we started to play cards.

I taught my family how to play some fun card games.

While doing all that, I reprogrammed my desktop so it no longer has the traditional Windows look...but some crazy-cool-backoff-I'm-a-computer-geek feel to it.

Here's what it looks like. Particularly proud of how MSN Messenger and ICQ show up.


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