A New Hope?

I've created a new website (again). I know it doesn't look new...well maybe the blogg section looks slightly different. The point is the back end of all this is different.

Very different. It's now all created in Flash as opposed to Swish. I did this for the pure and simple versatility of Flash, while Swish has more limitations (though was easier in the initial code process). The point is while things may not look so different now, they will. Oh how they will...because, as I said, Flash allows me to do much more. I can code games in properly, pictures, and I can throw in more Blogg features (soon) like clickable link tags, and oh sweet goodness gracious so much more.

Before I go on to other things, I'd like to throw in some key behind-the-scenes things I've coded into this baby. Like how all these blogg entries are being pulled in from a delightful little XML document, so that I can manage and properly maintain all my posts. The reason for this: Load times. Have you noticed how much faster this website loads? Other behind the scenes things will be made note of later.


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