Wild West of Web Development

My goal, before this weekend began, was to have a successful one.

Last weekend sort of flew by. I didn't have much time to recharge the ol' Duracells before the long week of work that lay ahead of me. So this weekend began with a dreams success, and oh how I achieved it!

To begin, my goal was to make my weekend feel as long as possible, but also as enjoyable as possible. Friday night I began coding DosPrompt2.0 (what you are seeing at this moment.) I coded until 3:30am. Growing a little tired, I went to bed and read my book and fell to sleep.

As an aside: I'm currently reading The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. It's a fantastic book, I highly recommend it. It gets better and better, and I'm just about 3/4 through it. It's a bit of a wakeup call for just how hard life can be when you're trying to build something better for yourself and family.

I'm currently back-loading old blog entries. I've loaded a lot, but it's getting late and your son needs to get some sleep soon.

I realize while there isn't much to this site, since reprogramming this site, there will be more to come. I couldn't do much with the previous version because it was too limited. This version is ripe with opportunity.

In the mean time, about current events: With all the freelance work I did before getting a fully time web developer job, I'm dealing with a client who's not paying his final invoice. I've told them I'd have to take their website down soon if they don't pay their final invoice - I'm realizing, I should have probably created some actual contracts before doing doing any work. Especially since most of my clients came through Craigslist, and it's a bit of the wild-west in terms of deal making. We'll see what happens.


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