In June I decided to read more. I signed up on so I could track progress and get recommendations.

I didn't know I could also set a yearly goal. Given it was mid-year, I arbitrarily set my goal for 10 books. Pretty happy to say I'll hit 16, maybe 17 before year's end.

For 2021, I'm going for 30 books.

I already have 8 on my "To Read" list and need 22 more. My preference right now is to read books on business, agile and lean strategies, leadership.

Just finished a really good book on Systems Theory - and it's given me a lot to consider.

I'd always read fiction, but ever since reading more books on business, strategy, frameworks, I've realized that so many of our problems as technologists don't need to be solved "the hard way" (i.e. experiencing them first hand.)

Actively reading prepares you for problems, and keeps you from reinventing the wheel.


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