The Death of Flash

Today is the death of Flash. While it's largely been irrelevant over the last decade (other than being a security concern) - from 1999-2010, it was my life. Over those 11 years I managed to create 446 flash projects (that number seemed insanely high. I tripled checked it.)

Coding was my hobby in high school. It's how I paid bills in college. 446 SWF files made up of menus, navs, widgets, experiments, physics simulators, and so so many games. Many sadly unfinished projects. And a handful of projects I can proudly claim were played over a million times. I know of two instances where 2 different Flash projects helped academics with their PhDs.

Maybe one day digital archeologists will come across these files once more. They'll decompile my SWFs. They'll undoubtedly critique my early works. Hopefully, they'll note the progression I made over the years.

But most importantly, I hope they'll have fun playing FishClaw Extreme 3001...


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