Connectix QuickCam

This is a pretty cool picture I took around 1998. It's cool not just because it's of a 14 year old me. What's cool about it is that this picture was taken with the original Connectix QuickCam - it was first released in '94, before webcams and digital cameras.

It didn't capture in megapixels, because megapixels weren't even a thing. Resolution was 320x240 (LinkedIn's enlarged the original file) - it could only shoot in black in white, and you had to constantly adjust the brightness and contrast. I'm not looking at the camera because I'm looking at myself in the monitor.

I don't have ton of pictures of myself at this age, most of the ones I do only exist as film/photographs. The QuickCam made it easier and faster to take pictures, which - by today's standard - seems like a very foreign concept.


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