Do It For Her

I always liked the early seasons of the Simpsons that always had an underlying plot that was often sweet, sometimes wholesome, and even if you were a kid - you could still understand.

This was always one of my favorite moments - it captured a moment you rarely saw on the Simpsons, which was Homer's one on one relationship with Maggie. There was frustration with Lisa, chasing after Bart - but that one scene really captured his relationship with Maggie in a way that we, as the viewers, never saw.

While I mostly leave my family stuff to Facebook/Instagram, I just wanted to share that I too have an amazing little girl that I love endlessly. She's much of the reason why I do a lot of what I do. She likes watching me make the videos I do (she's often slightly off-camera when I'm recording.) I like that she sees me try things I'm not good at, and that she sees me get frustrated with myself. I let her see me be creative when it's putting together a slideshow for a talk I'm doing, or brainstorming some idea I have.

I love getting to show her that everything is a process, and improvement comes with time, and even when you may be doing something serious, you can always inject your personality into what you're doing, and that it's ok to show some vulnerability.

And that's why I've made this post. It's for her.


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