Let's Talk (Even More!) About Portfolios

This is a follow-up to Let's Talk Portfolios! and 7 Steps to Building your Portfolio MVP.

If you've not seen those 7 steps, here's the quick GIF recap:

But now - let's talk about your next steps. You have the portfolio MVP, but your skills have continued to grow, you are more talented than what this portfolio MVP shows. So now what?

Let's remember the purpose of the portfolio: It's to showcase your talent and skill to a hiring manager. They are your target audience. They are your main user.

With that in mind, let's talk even more about portfolios! 

Why bother with any of this? The key is, as a hiring manager, it gives me insight into you as the developer. It lets me know more than what I can get out of your resume, or hearing you talk about your work experience. GitHubs can be overwhelming, and just information over-load.

Presenting your skills in this way shows forethought, it shows you know your audience, it gives me the information I need, and it lets us have a much better interview because I have smaller and discrete things for us to talk about!


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